Sunday, February 28, 2010

PLC repair India, New Delhi

SMX, PLC repair India, Delhi
SMXplc is a business division of India's leading PLC manufacturer - BISON Projects who have been manufacturing Programable Logic Controllers for the mechanical engineering industry in India since 1985. The SMXplc division specialises in industrial automation, and repairs and retrofits of PLC systems. Till Dec 2009 approx. 2,300 PLC systems have been installed by us in India.

Replace Messung Sytems PLC

A client who has been already using SMX /  BISON PLC systems for many years on their Plastic Injection Moulding Machine approaches us. The PLC of another machine of with them is not working, and the machine manufacturer (Dynamic Enterprises) has gone out of business, the PLC is of another manufacturer. Can we help? We refer them  to.their PLC manufacturer Messung Systems (Pune). They are informed that the Messung PLC fitted is too old (10+ years) to be repaired. SMXplc is now  requested to replace Messung Sytems PLC with BISON progrmable logic controls.

PLC replacement India

We then visited the clients factory about 30 kms from New Delhi for PLC replacement.

Messung PLC, HMI, MMI repair

We observed that the plastic molding machine for repair had a Messung MMI / HMI fitted which was burnt out.

Messung Systems SmartLine MMI PLC repair
We observed that the plastic molding machine for repair had a Smartline Sr. Messung MMI / HMI fitted which was burnt out. Close up inspection of Messung Systems MMI shows that it is melted due to burn out

Remove Messung Systems PLC
Our engineer decides to remove Messung Systems Smartline MMI (Man Machine Interface

Compatible Messung Systems SmartLine HMI
We select the SMX-BISON HMI 2027, mechanically compatible dimensionally to Messung SmartLine Sr MMI


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